We – family of 4, with two kids of 14 & 16 – made a trip with RunguTours. We did a tour of 5 days. Gordon is a very nice guide and a good driver. We felt very safe all the time and he told us a lot about the land we drove through. The lodges had all their specific features. For example, we slept one night 4 mtrs from the river where we heard the hippos snorring and wandering about, all night. Very, very recommendable, safe and trustworthy to travel with Rungu. Many thanx! :-)

Yvonne, Rob, Pim & Feline

We booked a two week tour through Uganda with Rungu Tours and we We had a fantastic time. It was really hard to leave Uganda after two weeks. Gordon, our driver/guide did a great job, he was patient, help full, acted as a teacher, and gave us the best ‘African massages’ ever. Our trip started in Kampala, from where we travelled to Murchison Falls. From Murchison Falls we had a very long journey, due to some floodings to Kibale Forest. So, it is advisable to make a stop in Hoima...

Arnoud & Myrthe

We had a beautiful time during our safari with Gordon in Murchison falls. Gordon arranged everything for us; he is a very good driver and told us lots of interesting details about animals and flora. Thanks for the great time we had! We will come back!!!

Cees & Jannette

Hi Gordon, Thanks for all your knowledge and information; you are a walking encyclopedia! Thanks for all your patience and help: our trip was great!


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The country Uganda

Uganda is not only famous for its rare Mountain Gorillas, but also for its wildlife, landscape, vegetation and friendly people. In 2012, the famous Lonely Planet Travel Guide elected Uganda as the Top-nr.1 travel destination in the world!

In their comment, we can read under de heading Uganda (p. 417):

Uganda is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small but stunning destination. It is home to the tallest mountain range in Africa, the glacier-capped Rwenzoris. The mighty Nile River, the world’s longest river, surges out of Lake Victoria, the continent’s largest lake. One of the highest concentrations of primates in the world, including more than half of all remaining mountains gorillas, roams its forests. And the merging of habitats from eastern, western and northern Africa produces arguably the world’s best bird-watching.
On top of this a growing variety of activities has made Uganda the adrenaline centre of East Africa, there is no such thing as a crowd in even the most popular national parks and the capital Kampala is safer and friendlier than most in Africa... visitors have no more to worry about than they do in most other countries.

Uganda is a captivating country with a great deal to offer, and now is an ideal time to go because the country sits on the cusp of discovery. It’s already popular enough that the facilities are well developed in the places where most visitors go, but there is a genuine sense of discovery for those who get off the tiny tourist trail.

Experience its 11 splendid national parks, each one with its own unique character.

Dream about..

...observing wildlife during game drives, walking in the mountains or the rainforest, horse-riding or mountain biking, rafting, making contact with tribes still living in a traditional way, such as the Karamojong or the Ik people, standing face-to-face with mountain gorillas, anything is possible. Stay in luxury lodges or simple tents. Experience and enjoy!

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